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Articles on Stress by
Judi Light Hopson

Manage Work and a Family Crisis

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Reverse Workplace Depression

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Article on Stress and Aging from The University of California San Francisco

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Welcome to Hopson Global

In these uncertain times, when the security of our home, family, and even our nation is threatened, we must be as prepared as humanly possible to each do our best if called upon.

Hopson Global Education and Training is dedicated to educating individuals and organizations about the detrimental effects of stress, and training them not only in better handling their own stress, but also in how to provide support to family and co-workers.

Hopson Global has formed strategic alliances with experts who serve FEMA, the White House, Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and 'family friendly' corporations. We promote mental health tools via self-help study modules online that show how to work, live, and lead productively. Our national security depends on mentally healthy, empowered employees in specific work arenas.
Invest your education dollars wisely

Some employers ask us to explain the value of stress management education to employers. Why buy a course that shows workers how to manage their jobs and families with greater ease? Can employers afford to offer this? We contend that no employer can afford to be without our course. For example, stress-related lawsuits have gone up for employers 1200% since the year 2000!

Stressed-out workers are suing their companies--and winning! When you purchase excellent stress management education such as ours, everybody benefits. Most workers want to do an excellent job. They want to enjoy their work setting and make good contributions. Less stressed employees can focus better. Less stressed employees have fewer health problems. Less stressed employees like their jobs and don't quit. Our courses will pay for themselves many times over. We primarily serve government agencies and businesses in the U.S., but we also currently serve businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Holland, and the Philippines.

The skills and techniques we teach can help an individual balance work and family by reducing stress, and employers can improve workplace communication and cooperation, thereby increasing productivity and the company's bottom line.

Strategic Alliances ~ Our interactive internet training will be provided by n.tara, Inc., a world-class e-learning development company that serves Harvard University / MIT, Vanderbilt University, Lifetime Television, the U.S. Air Force, Duke University, University of North Carolina, Northwestern University, and the U.S. Army.

If you would like an overview of the entire course, we have provided a PRESENTATION that outlines each lesson.

If you or your employees contract to take our course, the lessons can be accessed in any order to help cope with a present situation, such as balancing work and family, dealing with a difficult co-worker, or time and resource management.

If you have considered a seminar for your employees on stress management, workplace issues, or leadership skills, we're sure that our course will give you a solid return on your investment. It is not a short training session but a complete 12 lesson course with quizzes, grading and tracking that users can access 24/7 for one full year!

"As a former OPM psychologist, I know the type of stress employees encounter.  Hopson Global Education provides trainings that are excellent in terms of applied research, utility and value.  This company has taken a huge corpus of research and made it accessible to all levels of employees in a non-threatening and efficient manner.  This training is a breath of fresh air."   Daniel E. Martin, Ph.D. Former psychologist for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Hopson Global Education is an educational resource/ provider/vendor for these organizations and more:

Pearson Education/Prentice Hall
American Psychological Association
Business & Legal Reports, Inc.
Achieve Solutions, Inc.
Novation Hospital Trust Group
Emergency Medical Certifications, Inc.
Healthstream/Columbia HCA Hospitals
Employee Assistance Programs ( for 15% of America's Fortune 500 Companies)
VA Hospitals
U.S. Government Printing Office
Alinea Group
American Intercontinental University
East Tennessee State University
Chattanooga State University
Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service

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