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DO YOU HAVE JUST 100 EMPLOYEES WHO NEED TO BECOME BETTER SUPERVISORS? OR, DO YOU HAVE A VISION FOR YOUR ENTIRE VA VISN? Don't forget the importance of assisting employees in developing stress management skills for the future.

Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others will pay for itself in terms of:

* Better workplace morale
* Less absenteeism
* Fewer problems among co-workers
* Less employee turnover
* More work focus and getting things done

We will work with VA education coordinators to offer this online course to ALL VA FACILITIES within your VISN at a cost you can afford. Our hosting solution is an accredited medical education provider with a dependable infrastructure for grading, testing, and tracking each and every employee's progress. Priceless in terms of taking care of business!!

Click here to view the course outline we developed for the Veterans Affairs Office in PowerPoint© and how it supports the High Performance Development Model and the 8 CORE COMPETENCIES that VA Facilities are implementing nationwide. Use your mouse to click through the slides. If you need the free PowerPoint Viewer© from Microsoft©, click here.

Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others
This is the course that will pay for itself many times over! Studies show that stress management education can reduce lawsuits for your organization. Here are some interesting facts provided by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company conducted several studies on the effects of stress prevention programs in hospital settings. Program activities included (1) employee and management education on job stress, (2) changes in hospital policies and procedures to reduce organizational sources of stress, and (3)establishment of Employee Assistance Programs.

In one study, the frequency of medication errors declined by 50% after prevention activities were implemented in a 700 bed hospital.

In a second study, there was a 70% reduction in malpractice claims in 22 hospitals that implemented stress prevention activities.

In contrast, there was no reduction in claims in a matched group of 22 hospitals that did not implement stress prevention activities. (Journal of Applied Psychology)

To review the source of these NIOSH studies and other related material, please click here.

Our 12-Lesson program, titled "Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others" is a perfect choice for training VA supervisors, rank-and-file employees, or all of those working in an entire VISN network.

The course is a win/win for everyone involved. The real winners will be those who've served our country--your clientele of US Veterans. The self-help advice in our 12-Lesson program explains how employees can act out productive behaviors, create options for positive change, and help others do the same. This education is NOT like those run-of-the-mill stress management courses you've purchased before! This course includes gems of wisdom that employees can utilize immediately--and the advice works!

Here is how one registrant explains it: "These 12 lessons give you great advice your parents should have taught you--but they didn't know how."

One stressed-out healthcare professional offered this feedback: "The advice on dealing with depression and extreme stress in Lesson Four is right on target. When you're under the kind of stress I work under, it's such a relief to find this quality of sound and reliable advice for self-help. The course is very, very good."

EMPLOYESS APPRECIATE THE CALIBER OF HOPSON GLOBAL EDUCATION COURSES....." These courses are far superior to many we have utilized for our staff members. It's a fact that Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others offers good advice, along with practical application techniques. This education is a great investment for the price."...DANA BAKER, educational advisor and EMS professional.

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