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Article on Stress and Aging from The University of California San Francisco

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Return on your investment

14 Reasons Our Courses Can Save Your Company Thousands of Dollars Each Year -
Every Single Year!


Our courses prepare your employees to accomplish the following:

1. Deal with personal stress so they can arrive at work more focused and eager to do a good job.

2. Manage time/money and other company resources wisely.

3. Enjoy their work responsibilities and bring out the best in themselves and others, increasing productivity.

4. Reduce overall stress in their work setting, thus decreasing employee turnover.

5. Tackle important leadership issues with a positive attitude - moving your company forward in a competitive way.

6. Become effective and respected leaders who can create and support a daily agenda for getting work accomplished more smoothly.

7. Manage workplace politics (those tricky issues that can buffalo productivity and bog down meetings).

8. Manage tough issues and focus on doing a good job - thus decreasing costly mistakes at work.

9. Deal with co-workers and the public they serve in a less stressed way - therefore ensuring customers and clients keep coming back.

10. Acquire important behavior skills to increase workplace morale and set the tone for employees to offer their best efforts.

11. Deal with marriage and personal relationships outside of work in order to create a balanced lifestyle that supports their work role.

12. Assist co-workers in developing their skills and talents - therefore building workplace harmony and reducing employee absenteeism due to stress-related health issues.

13. Do career planning (both short-term and long-term) in order to practice the healthiest form of self-development - taking charge of one's career in a positive way.

14. Assist top executives in reaching their goals, while helping new employees become part of the team - creating synergy in the workplace.

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