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Article on Stress and Aging from The University of California San Francisco

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Judi Light Hopson - Owner of Hopson Global Education and Training Research

For seven consecutive years, Hopson Global Education’s staff has gathered information from professionals working in high stress jobs across America. Hundreds of corporate executives, fire chiefs, police workers, teachers, factory workers, nurses, paramedics, and many others were interviewed one-on-one. They offered their best advice on what works and what doesn’t work - when stress gains the upper hand.

We also interviewed hundreds of professionals who counsel workers in high stress jobs: psychologists, social workers, EAP directors, and family therapists. They shared with us their solutions to create positive change.

Judi Light Hopson, founder of Hopson Global Education and Training, utilized her personal knowledge of stress management, coupled with the extensive research of our staff, to develop the program we now offer.

Hopson Global has gathered the best advice available on how to deal with intense stress—on the job, in one’s personal life, and in career planning. The result is a life-management course you will enjoy. “Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others” is written in reader-friendly conversational style.

Whether you run a small business, work for a large corporation, manage an Employee Assistance Program, or work for a government agency, you will find behaviors, tools, and strategies for positive change you can use right away. The lessons are powerful and universal.

Hopson Global Education doesn’t teach theory.Our stress management online program shows you how to assess your stress, develop a workable plan, and tackle your issues to get results!


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