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1. How many online courses do you offer?

We offer three stress management courses--one for emergency responders, one for nurses, and one for the general population utilized by hospital/corporate employees and individuals.

2. How many hours of real-time training does each of your courses provide?
Each program offers 30 hours of training in real time for all 12 Lessons combined.

3. Can my employees log on from home?
Absolutely. They may access the course 24/7 from any location if they have Internet access.

4. Why would our employee groups or individuals desire to take a course from Hopson Global Education and Training?
All three of our courses cover a broad spectrum of stressful issues-everything from avoiding job burnout to reducing tension in the workplace to managing time and money. However, every course also teaches very specific behavioral skills and mental health coping strategies for dealing with depression, improving relationships,supervising others,dealing with difficult co-workers, practicing healthy communication, improving one's marriage, and more. Every course speaks to working adults about the issues they actually face every day.

5. Would our employees comprehend the advice and put it to practical use?
Those companies and governmental agencies we have served in the past have expressed enthusiasm for all of our courses, especially the way the materials are presented. We receive feedback from all over the world concerning our educational courses, textbook material, and articles. We know what employees need and how they like to see information presented. We are always hearing, "Your course is great" or "Your material is popular with our employees."

6. Could your stress management courses be used as training for new hires, plus training for our supervisors? You say that they can; however, can any course really be that flexible and broad-based?
Absolutely. Each of our courses are comprised of 12 Lessons that are written to "teach" good stress management techniques. Readers can easily perceive the self-help advice the lessons offer; however, supervisors can gain important information to share with those they supervise. The advice is written to assist workers in creating harmony in the home and in the workplace-while maintaining a healthy sense of self. If both supervisors and non-supervisory personnel study a given 12-lesson course, this opens a two-way street to build a healthy work environment. Each of Our courses teach the "language" of workplace harmony-while demonstrating why is pays to support and assist one's co-workers from both the personal perspective, as well as the professional.

7. Are the courses priced affordably?
We think so. Our online training is priced in line with the trainings offered by most educational companies in the USA. We will work with your agency or HR department in every way to arrive at a reasonable group rate. Don't hesitate to allow us to offer a quote-even if you don't need our services at the present time.

8. What if someone has trouble logging on?
He or she can simply e-mail us to be reminded of a forgotten password. Our world-class hosting company will provide an autoresponse. Or, if an employee prefers, he or she can call our toll-free number to speak to a technology support person.

9. My company has thousands of employees. Can I receive a group rate at a reduced price?
Yes. We will work with your company individually. For example, some organizations may require all of their employee population to access a specific course for leadership training. Other companies may offer one of our stress management courses as an EAP tool, so in this case we would assume that only a certain percentage of your total employee population would be likely to log on. Therefore, we can offer better pricing.

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10. Do you offer quizzes and grading?

Yes. Our courses follow instructional design models utilized by the majority of e-learning providers. Each lesson of every course is followed by a quiz. We provide an administrative tracking system online for every agency or company to follow the progress of every individual logging on.

11. What about certificates of completion?
An employee may print a certificate at the end of every lesson, if desired, upon passing that lesson's quiz.

This course is accredited for 3.0 Professional Development CEUs by:East Tennessee State University Office of Professional Development
East Tennessee State University is a Tennessee Board of Regents institution and is fully in accord with the belief that educational and employment opportunities should be available to all eligible persons without regard to age, gender, color, race, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. TBR 170-046-03 .55M

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