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Benefits for your company

How will my company benefit from your course, Work/Life/Leadership: Empowering Self and Others? Whether your organization buys our course for 20 employees, 100 supervisors, or your entire employee population of 20,000, your senior officers will want to know:

Will we have a return on our investment?
Studies indicate that your investment should pay off. In fact, we believe that the course will pay for itself many times over. Organizations that have conducted studies report that employees provided with stress management education arrive at work more focused and eager to do a good job.

Studies show that companies offering stress education experience the following:
* Fewer lawsuits
* Less absenteeism
* Fewer Mistakes on the job
* Less employee turnover
( Please review our "Studies On Stress" page for more in-depth information. )

$ $ $ Do the Math $ $ $

Workplace Harmony = More Focus + More Productivity
This can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for large companies!
Our Tools Protect Your Bottom Line

While no one can guarantee that our course can save your company large amounts of money, our clients provide feedback that indicates it will. Government workers, hospital managers, and corporate executives tell us, "this course has taught me many great stress management skills." Whether you run a hospital, an airline, a retail stores, an accounting firm, or a manufacturing company, your employees need stress management education. Working adults report that their stress issues are growing. Our course is a wonderful educational tool to assist them in addressing their issues without having to depend too much on others to help them in creating healthy solutions for many problems. Our self-help approach for each worker can take pressure off of your supervisory personnel and management division.

Studies from NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) show that hospital employers that offered general stress management education and prevention reduced lawsuits by 70%. This undoubtedly saved a significant amount of money for each hospital. Mistakes at work, absenteeism, and employee turnover also went down, affecting the financial bottom line significantly.

Note that hospitals in this study that offered no stress issues assistance for their employees experienced no reduction in lawsuits, on-the-job mistakes, or absenteeism. In fact, these situations worsened. Those hospitals with no stress education and/or prevention in place experienced a continual rise in lawsuits, employee mistakes on the job, absenteeism, and employee turnover - costing their companies significant sums of money.

How our course is presented
We offer practical tips and strategies for reducing stress based on self-help techniques. Employees can use our strategies to deal with many of their personal issues on their own. Problems concerning coworker conflicts, personal depression, family issues, time and money issues, and self-defeating habits are addressed in our course.

Our course is different because we don't waste time describing stress and its effects on an individual. We plainly address very common work and family issues and give the solutions in simple, easy-to-comprehend scenarios. We also give straightforward tips with examples.

The course is written in an easy-to-read format that is enjoyable to review and digest. There is no other online course on the market as comprehensive as ours. Most stress education courses cover four or five broad areas that deal mostly with self-care issues of health, diet, and exercise. Our course covers dozens of topics.

William Rohloff, a former hospital CEO who is presently a business advisor, describes the course this way: "I like the way the material is presented. It's very good. Readers should be able to grasp the material easily and put it to use immediately. The advice covers the stress issues that most working adults face."

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